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Some essential things to include in your resume are: your name, contact information, education history, work or internship experience, and related skills. All of these details should be tailored for each individual job application. Additionally, you can include professional organizations and special awards if you think they’re relevant.

Absolutely! If you think you can handle the job requirements, it never hurts to apply for the position. Whether you have less years of experience than they’re asking, or you are missing one of the hard skills mentioned, these don’t necessarily rule you out from landing the job. Skills can be learned on the job, and if you’re the best candidate, years of experience won’t matter in the end. Just don’t lie and say you have the qualifications when you don’t.

Sometimes the name of the hiring manager won’t be listed on the job description. If it’s a small company, you might be able to find a name on their website or through a quick Google search. But if after searching you still can’t find the name, you should begin your cover letter: “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Simply navigate to your profile page to upload documents.

You can upload multiple resumes as attachments within your control panel, and you have the flexibility to associate specific resume to specific application.

Our recruiters and regisered employers review job applicants for each opening and reach out to those who appear to be a strong match with the position.
But even if you’re not contacted for the job you applied for, your information will go into our recruiter’s shared candidate database, which means you may be contacted for other opportunities at a later date.


March 2021

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